Mowing — By using only small 21” mowers we can give your lawn the best cut possible without the risk of damage to your turf due to the enormous size & weight of the machines used by our competitors.

Fertilization & Weed Control — We apply top quality slow release fertilizers combined with the spot spraying of any weeds and / or crabgrass so that your lawn can look beautiful with a minimal application of herbicides.

Mulching — We apply a 2½”–3” layer of nursery quality mulch after we have thoroughly cleaned your beds and defined their borders by digging a definitive edge line between your lawn and the mulch beds.

Aeration & Seeding — We thoroughly aerate your lawn so that nutrients and water can better reach the roots of the established grass and then apply 4–5 pounds of seed per 1,000 square feet to replenish the grass that dies naturally throughout the year.

Shrub Trimming — We will return your shrubs to their proper appearance whether they require a major haircut or just a trim.

Leaf Removal — We will thoroughly clean your beds, lawn and living spaces followed by giving your lawn a short winter cut if the weather allows us to.