About Us

Steve’s Mowing was founded in 1992, by Lisa & Steven Graine, with the promise of providing top quality service at a reasonable price. This simple motto is what still drives the company today. After nearly 20 years in the lawn care business, it’s still nice to hear the heartfelt expressions of gratitude from our customers for providing them with the quality work that has become our standard. We know that these are the types of comments that will allow us to continue to grow and prosper as a service company in the years ahead.

We also have an understanding that we are here to not only service the properties of our clients, but to attend to all the details that a service company faces on a daily basis. To that end we employ two full time veterans of Steve’s Mowing in the office to answer your calls as well as your questions, a management staff of four with a combined tenure at Steve’s Mowing of over 50 years, and a trained staff of fifty men that average over 5 years of on the job experience at Steve’s Mowing. Its taken a long time to assemble a crew of this quality and caliber as well as experience and the benefits derived from these qualities are evident in the work that we do as well as the relationships that we have forged with our customers over the years.